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San Ysidro Health-Alpine Family Medicine  1620 Alpine Blvd., Alpine    (619) 444-6200   Medi-Cal accepted with some Saturday hours.
San Ysdiro-Mountain Empire Family Medicine  1472 Buckman Springs Rd., Campo   (619) 445-6200  Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Friday.

El Cajon Family Health Center  525 Main St., El Cajon   (619) 515-2499   Comprehensive medical, dental, vision and behavioral health services Monday-Saturday.  Medi-Cal accepted.
Chase Family Health Center  1111 W. Chase, El Cajon   (619) 515-2498   Medi-Cal and no insurance accepted Monday-Friday.
Centro Medico El Cajon with Borrego Healthcare  133 W. Main St., El Cajon  (619) 401-0404   Medi-Cal and sliding fee scale Monday-Sunday with limited weekend hours.  Call for appointment.
La Maestra Community Health   165 S. 1st St., El Cajon   (619) 312-0347   Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Friday.  Medical and dental services.
Neighborhood Healthcare   855 E. Madison Ave., El Cajon   (619) 440-2751   Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Saturday. Medical and dental services.
San Ysidro Health-El Cajon Clinic & PACE  875 El Cajon Blvd., El Cajon (619) 662-4100 Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Friday.
Medical, dental, behavioral health, women’s health, community services and PACE Program for seniors.
Volunteers in Medicine   1457 E. Madison Ave., El Cajon   (619) 440-4591  Uninsured only with an appointment on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Grossmont-Spring Valley Family Health Center  8788 Jamacha Rd., Spring Valley   (619) 515-2555   Healthcare services Monday-Friday.

Lemon Grove Family Health Center  7592 Broadway Ave., Lemon Grove   (619) 515-2550   Comprehensive medical and behavioral healthcare.  Medi-Cal accepted on Monday-Friday.
La Maestra Community Health  7967 Broadway Ave., Lemon Grove  (619) 741-3045  Comprehensive medical and dental healthcare.  Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Friday

Neighborhood Healthcare  10039 Vine St., Lakeside   (619) 390-9975   Comprehensive medical and dental healthcare.  Medi-Cal accepted on Monday-Saturday.
Santee Family Medicine with Mountain Health  120 Town Center Pkwy., Santee   (619) 445-6200   Comprehensive medical healthcare.  Medi-Cal accepted Monday-Friday